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Understanding the Legal Issues in Social Networking
   LIVE Webcast  


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The growth of social media as a business tool in the last 10 years has been nothing short of prolific. Companies are using this clever medium to expand their bottom lines in exciting ways. It’s a powerful business tool, however it does not come without risks. Companies must have a complete understanding of the legal issues related to social networking in order to address the legal implications, mitigate the risks, and make the most of their social networking strategy.

The Knowledge Group is assembling a panel of key regulators and thought experts to help companies understand the legal issues surrounding the use of social networking. In a two-hour Live Webcast, speakers will not only provide valuable insights on how to navigate through potential pitfalls but they will also discuss different issues in the mix including:

Course Level: Intermediate
Prerequisite: None
Method Of Presentation: Group-Based-Internet
Developer: The Knowledge Group, LLC
Recommended CLE/CPE Hours: 1.75 - 2.0
Advance Preparation: Print and review course materials
Course Code: 114208
Recording Fee: $299 (Please click here for details)


Featured Speakers for Understanding the Legal Issues in Social Networking LIVE Webcast :

Agenda  (click here to view more)
Andrew J. Hollander, Of Counsel,
K&L Gates LLP

  • • Protecting your brand (trademarks), and how to deal with misuse/infringement of your trademarks
  • • Social media policies for organizations - examples of good ones, pitfalls. This ties in with next topic:
  • • Audit of website and social media sites so that material is accurate and not misleading.
  • • Employment law issues
  • • Social media for health care, and lack of guidelines from FDA (e.g., letter to Novartis critical of its use of Facebook widget)

Melissa Landau Steinman, Partner,
Venable LLP

  • Effectively Using New Promotional Techniques on Social Media and Mobile Applications Without Violating the Law:

  • • Running successful sweepstakes and contests on social media;
  • • Addressing legal and practical issues in user generated content promotions;
  • • Keeping up with changing rules on social media platforms;
  • • The dos and don’ts of designing and implementing loyalty programs and websites, and how to encourage bloggers without encouraging violations of the law;
  • • The ins and outs of reverse auctions, daily deals and other cutting-edge promotional techniques being implemented on social media platforms;
  • • Potential privacy traps when promoting your product on social media and mobile technologies.

David G. Mallen, Deputy Director, National Advertising Division,
The Better Business Bureau

  • • What are the “rules of the road” for advertising in social media?
  • • Who is responsible for claims made in tweets, blogs and on Facebook?
  • • Are Facebook “likes” endorsements?
  • • Examine developments in the use of endorsements and testimonials and online behavioral advertising.
  • • Learn about the role of voluntary industry self-regulation in providing guidance and resolving disputes in social media.

Justin Brookman, Director, Consumer Privacy Project,
Center for Democracy & Technology

  • • Legal/ethical questions around prohibiting/restricting/reacting to negative social media content (will reference our FTC complaint against Medical Justice)
  • • Legal/ethical questions around data collection/usage through social media promotions (Gratis Internet, Sears)
  • • State right of publicity laws (using non-celebrity consumer/customer name or likeness in promotions) (Plus, Facebook, LinkedIn cases and controversy)
  • • Edge cases of social media promotion (Wikipedia entries (CIA, Diebold), message board astroturfing (Lifestyle Lift, Whole Foods), soliciting op-eds (Burson/Facebook), Like-gating (I understand David is talking about this too, but I suspect I will have a different opinion!)

K&L Gates LLP
Andrew J. Hollander
Of Counsel
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Venable LLP
Melissa Landau Steinman
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The Better Business Bureau
David G. Mallen
Deputy Director, National Advertising Division
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Center for Democracy & Technology
Justin Brookman
Director, Consumer Privacy Project
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Who Should Attend?

‒ Attorneys
‒ General Counsel
‒ Private Companies
‒ Public Companies
‒ Senior Executives
‒ Marketing Officers
‒ Marketing and Advertising Professionals
‒ Compliance, Risk and IT Officers
‒ HR Professionals
‒ Legal Risk Officers and Administrators
‒ And other related professionals

Why Attend?

This is a must attend event for anyone interested in learning the legal implications related to social networking and how to mitigate the potential risks.
‒ Detailed guidance explained by the most qualified key leaders & experts
‒ Hear directly from key regulators & thought leaders
‒ Interact directly with panel during Q&A

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