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Recently Completed Events 2009

Recently Completed Events 2009-2010 Date Recorded Recording
  Trust Accounting Income: The Fundamentals LIVE Webcast 12/15/2009 Order Recording
  Form 4562 Revisions for Tax Professionals 12/11/2009 Order Recording
  Hot Topics in Anti-Money Laundering Compliance – A Review of
  Recent Developments and a Primer for Addressing Today’s
  Concerns LIVE Webcast
12/10/2009 Order Recording
  Ending the “QSPE” (SFAS 166 & 167) and its impact on your firm
  LIVE Webcast
12/09/2009 Order Recording
  Bank Mergers and Its Effect On Your Customer Base: Minimizing
  the Impact on Customer Attrition Live Webcast
12/08/2009 Order Recording
  XBRL Implementation Year 1, Year 2 & GAAP Codification: What
  You Need to Know LIVE Webcast
12/02/2009 Order Recording
  Making the 108(i) Election Pros and Cons Explained 11/23/2009 Order Recording
  Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009 (HR. 2749) and S-510 11/18/2009 Order Recording
  Coping with Section 6694 - Tax Preparer Penalties 11/12/2009 Order Recording
  Understanding Foreign Issuer Reporting Enhancements (FIRE) 11/09/2009 Order Recording
  FAS 5: Accounting for Contingencies and Environmental
  Liabilities LIVE Webcast
11/06/2009 Order Recording
  Understanding Mergers and Acquisitions for Non Profits
  (FAS 164) LIVE Webcast
11/05/2009 Order Recording
  Changes to Form 1120 and Form 1065: Best Practices
  and Strategies for Corporate Tax Executives and Advisors
11/04/2009 Order Recording
  Form 990: Schedule H for Healthcare Firms & Hospitals:
  Practice Guidance LIVE Webcast
11/02/2009 Order Recording
  The Red Flag Rule: Implementation Issues LIVE Webcast 11/02/2009 Order Recording
  SOX Section 404B for Small Businesses: Final Implementation
  LIVE Webcast
10/30/2009 Order Recording
  IFRS is Back! Interpretations, Implementation, & Adoption
  Explained LIVE Webcast
10/29/2009 Order Recording
  Emerging Issues: EITF What's New for 2009 and Beyond? 10/21/2009 Order Recording
  IRA and Qualified Plan Distributions: What you need to know in
10/06/2009 Order Recording
  FASB Accounting Standards Codification: Understanding the
  New System LIVE Webcast
09/23/2009 Order Recording
  Significant Changes to Income Tax Accounting and IFRS
  LIVE Webcast
09/08/2009 Order Recording
  Changes to Form 1099 in 2009: Best Practices for Finance &
  Accounting Executives LIVE Webcast
08/26/2009 Order Recording
  Open Source Software Emerging Issues For Attorneys
  LIVE Webcast: A 2009 Update
08/25/2009 Order Recording
  Understanding the New Qualified Intermediary (QI) Program for
08/25/2009 Order Recording
  The Rocky Road for 401(k) Plans 08/20/2009 Order Recording
  Transfer Pricing 101 LIVE Webcast 08/19/2009 Order Recording
  BASEL II in the Wake of the Global Financial Crisis
  LIVE Webcast
08/19/2009 Order Recording
  FY2010 Budget Greenbook Proposes Sweeping Changes to the
  International Tax Provisions of the Internal Revenue Code
08/13/2009 Order Recording
  Understanding New Compliance & Disclosure Interpretations
08/11/2009 Order Recording
  Critical Regulatory Changes Governing the Marketing of
  Pharmaceuticals & Biotech Products - How Will It Affect Your
08/11/2009 Order Recording
  Statement 157 (Implementation Issues) 08/04/2009 Order Recording
  FAS 158: Accounting for Defined Benefit Pension and
  Other Post-Retirement Plans
08/04/2009 Order Recording
  The Red Flag Rule for Healthcare 08/04/2009 Order Recording
  Revenue Recognition for Biotech Firms 07/29/2009 Order Recording
  Recent Published Guidance on §168(k)(4) - Credit Acceleration
  in Lieu of Bonus
07/23/2009 Order Recording
  Understanding New Capital Reserve Requirements for the Life
  Insurance Industry
07/21/2009 Order Recording
  Rule 502: Implementing and Maintaining Records Retention 07/15/2009 Order Recording
  Form 990 for Hospital Reporting 07/09/2009 Order Recording
  Form 1041: How to Prepare an Accurate Form for Tax
07/08/2009 Order Recording
  Critical GASB Issues for 2009 07/08/2009 Order Recording
  FAS 123R & SAB 107: Understanding Stock-Based
  Compensation Accounting
07/07/2009 Order Recording
  Mitigating the Impact of Risky Investments (CDOs, Credit Default
  Swaps, and others): A Practical Guide for Municipalities and
  other public works companies
06/29/2009 Order Recording
  M & A Tax Strategies for Attorneys: A 2009 Perspective 06/25/2009 Order Recording
  Employment Labor Law 2009: LIVE Webcast 06/23/2009 Order Recording
  Outsourcing and Offshoring for Attorneys: A 2009 Perspective 06/23/2009 Order Recording
  Understanding New IRS Rules That Restrict Profits Sent
06/18/2009 Order Recording
  Statement 5 and 141R Loss Contingency Disclosures:
  An Update
06/17/2009 Order Recording
  Deposit Insurance and Risk Based Assessments 06/16/2009 Order Recording
  Statement 157 Implementation Issues 06/02/2009 Order Recording
  Understanding the IRS and Treasury 2009 Business Plan
  Compensation & Benefits Issues
05/28/2009 Order Recording
  Understanding Economic Sanctions for Banks and Financial
05/28/2009 Order Recording
  Stricter Rules Governing “Foreign-Cubed” Claims For Attorneys 05/27/2009 Order Recording
  Cross Border 2009: Cross-Border Tender Offers & Other
  Emerging Issues for 2009
05/27/2009 Order Recording
  FAS 109 & IAS 12 Explored 05/15/2009 Order Recording
  Banking and Financial Services Laws for Attorneys:
  A 2009 Perspective LIVE Webcast
05/14/2009 Order Recording
  Emerging Intellectual Property Issues For Attorneys:
  A 2009 Update
05/13/2009 Order Recording
  REITS, How to Navigate the 2009 Credit Crunch, &
  Today's Economic Realities
05/12/2009 Order Recording
  Amending Regulation Z - Home Ownership and Equity
  Protection Act (“HOEPA”)
05/12/2009 Order Recording
  Auditor Independence : What You Need to Know 05/07/2009 Order Recording
  Regulatory Restructuring of the Financial Services Industry:
  What You Need
05/07/2009 Order Recording
  Foreign Corrupt Practices Act LIVE webcast: A 2009 Update 05/06/2009 Order Recording
  The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act: What You Need
  to Know?
05/05/2009 Order Recording
  Statement 142 Mergers and Acquisitions for Non Profits 05/04/2009 Order Recording
  Untangling 157 & 141R: Business Combinations, M&A & Fair
05/01/2009 Order Recording
  National Security Investigations Disclosure Requests and Your
  Customer Data: What You Need to Know
04/29/2009 Order Recording
  Understanding FSP FAS 157-4: Expanded Fair Value Guidance 04/23/2009 Order Recording
  4th Annual Anti-Money Laundering 04/16/2009 Order Recording
  Mutual Recognition 04/08/2009 Order Recording
  Consumer/Investor Protections Laws: How They Impact
  Your Firm
03/30/2009 Order Recording
  FAS 163 New Rules for Bond Insurers 03/30/2009 Order Recording
  Healthcare Finance Update 2009: How to Cope With Bad Debt,
  Shrinking Charity
03/26/2009 Order Recording
  The Red Flag Rule: Post Implementation Issues 03/25/2009 Order Recording
  Amendments to Rules & Forms for Foreign Private Issuers:
  Best Practices
03/24/2009 Order Recording
  Section 7216 II: Shades of Gray LIVE Webcast Question and
  Answer Session
03/23/2009 Order Recording
  Understanding the Current Status Of "Mark-to-Market"
  Accounting Standards
03/19/2009 Order Recording
  Avoiding Unfair & Deceptive Marketing Practices for Banks &
  Credit Unions
03/19/2009 Order Recording
  XBRL Part II Implementation: Are You Ready? 03/18/2009 Order Recording
  Risk Management II: Perspectives on What It Takes to Make It
03/17/2009 Order Recording
  Making the Most of TARP funds. Practical Recommendations for
  Your Bank
03/12/2009 Order Recording
  FIN 48 for Public Companies: State & Local Tax Issues 03/12/2009 Order Recording
  Reverse Mortgage: Risk analysis, Exam Procedures, and
  Practical Guidance
03/11/2009 Order Recording
  Safety & Soundness Exams - A Conservative Approach for
03/05/2009 Order Recording
  SFAS 142: Goodwill and Other Intangible Assets 03/05/2009 Order Recording
  Untangling Your 403bs 03/04/2009 Order Recording
  SFAS 144: Accounting for the Impairment or Disposal of Long-
  Lived Assets
02/26/2009 Order Recording
  Smaller Reporting Company Regulatory Relief and
  Simplification: Best Practices Explored
02/24/2009 Order Recording
  FAS 140 QSPEs & FIN 46(R) VIEs (Q&Vs) 02/23/2009 Order Recording
  Important New Guidance on Derivative Disclosures –
  FAS 161 on All Derivatives and FSP on Credit Derivatives
02/17/2009 Order Recording
  Self Assessments & the Examination Process for Banks &
  Financial Institutions
02/12/2009 Order Recording
  SQCS No. 7 Managing Your Quality Control Systems 02/10/2009 Order Recording
  The New Section 7216 Regulations - What Every Tax
  Professional Must Know About Protecting Taxpayer Information
02/10/2009 Order Recording
  Strategic E-Discovery: Taking Steps to Avoid Litigation’s Black
  Hole (Part II)
02/09/2009 Order Recording
  EITF 07-5 Untangled 02/05/2009 Order Recording
  AS No. 5 01/30/2009 Order Recording
  Strategic E-Discovery: Taking Steps to Avoid Litigation’s Black
  Hole (Part I)
01/28/2009 Order Recording
  Rule 3110: Opening Gates for Optimal Corporate Performance 01/27/2009 Order Recording
  Understanding Rule 3526 01/26/2009 Order Recording
  Statement 157 Fair Value Accounting and Its Critical Impact on
  Your Business
01/20/2009 Order Recording
  The Changing Financial Landscape: What will the Financial
  Services Industry Look Like in 2009? Practical Guidance:
  The Bail Out Bill, TARP and much more…
01/15/2009 Order Recording
  Foreclosure Prevention for Banks & Credit Unions 01/09/2009 Order Recording


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