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Recently Completed Events 2010

Recently Completed Events 2010 Date Recorded Recording
  Understanding The SEC, Enterprise Risk Management (ERM),
  and Corporate Governance LIVE Webcast
12/21/2010 Order Recording
  Transfer Pricing & IRS Audits LIVE Webcast 12/21/2010 Order Recording
  The New and Existing World of 1099-MISC and Related Issues
  Explored LIVE Webcast
12/16/2010 Order Recording
  The Final Draft of Schedule UTP for 2010 and The Latest IRS
  Guidance on Disclosing Your Uncertain Federal Income Tax
  Positions LIVE Webcast
12/15/2010 Order Recording
  Understanding Form 5471 & Owning Foreign Corporations
  LIVE Webcast
12/14/2010 Order Recording
  Understanding 401 (k) Plan Audits: CPA, IRS, DOL
  LIVE Webcast
12/13/2010 Order Recording
  Open Source Software: Understanding and Managing the Risks   LIVE Webcast 12/01/2010 Order Recording
  Internet Privacy Legislation in 2010 Explained LIVE Webcast 11/15/2010 Order Recording
  Developing an Effective Disaster & Recovery Plan LIVE Webcast 11/09/2010 Order Recording
  Vendor Management - What Happens Before & After The   Contract? LIVE Webcast 11/05/2010 Order Recording
  Understanding International Tax Enforcement Issues
  in 2010-2011 LIVE Webcast
11/03/2010 Order Recording
  FIFRA: Finding a Balance between the Incentive to Innovate with   Research and Development Costs LIVE Webcast 11/02/2010 Order Recording
  Commercial Damages: Overview and Cross Examination -   Bullet Proof or Bullet Holes? LIVE Webcast 10/28/2010 Order Recording
  Multi-State Taxation Critical Issues: Sales Use Tax, &
  Nexus, E-commerce and Cloud Computing
10/20/2010 Order Recording
  Form 5472 for Foreign Investors LIVE Webcast 10/19/2010 Order Recording
  Out With SAS 70 - In With SSAE 16: Are You Ready?
  LIVE Webcast
10/19/2010 Order Recording
  Foreign Corrupt Practices Act Enforcement:
  Recent Trends and Outlook for the Future LIVE Webcast
10/14/2010 Order Recording
  Understanding Distressed Asset and Real Estate:
  The New Paradigm LIVE Webcast
10/13/2010 Order Recording
  Guidelines for Implementing the PCAOB’s
  Risk Assessment Standards LIVE Webcast
10/12/2010 Order Recording
  Organization, Operation, And Possible Liquidation of Family
  Limited Partnerships LIVE Webcast
10/06/2010 Order Recording
  The New FATCA Regulatory Guidance:
  Understanding Its Scope and How It Applies
09/30/2010 Order Recording
  403 (b) Plans FORM 5500 Schedule C:
  New Compliance Challenges
09/30/2010 Order Recording
  Truth and Consequences: Understanding Section 704(c)
09/29/2010 Order Recording
  Health Care Reform & Its Impact on Your Bottom Line 09/16/2010 Order Recording
  AS No. 7 Engagement Quality Review Explored 09/16/2010 Order Recording
  What Every Litigant Should Know About Social Media
  Channels: Their Impact on Discovery and at Trial
09/08/2010 Order Recording
  Estate Planning Explored in 2010: The New Model LIVE
09/07/2010 Order Recording
  New Rules on Asset Backed Securities  Companies LIVE   Webcast 08/26/2010 Order Recording
  Understanding Financial Instrument Accounting Overhaul &
  Fair Value LIVE Webcast
08/26/2010 Order Recording
  COSO, SOX, & Risk Management for Small & Midcap   Companies LIVE Webcast 08/25/2010 Order Recording
  False Claims Act: Understanding the Law and Defending   Whistleblower Claims LIVE Webcast 08/18/2010 Order Recording
  CyberThreat Intelligence: Natural Evolution of Vulnerability   Management LIVE Webcast 08/12/2010 Order Recording
  How to Prepare and File Form 1120 (Including Proposed
  Form 1120-IC-DISC, Schedules K and P) For CPAs
   & Tax Attorneys LIVE Webcast
08/11/2010 Order Recording
  Building A Cost Effective Compliance Program LIVE Webcast 08/10/2010 Order Recording
  The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act in 2010 Explored 08/05/2010 Order Recording
  New FASB Revenue Recognition Rules for Multiple-
  Deliverable Arrangements LIVE Webcast
07/22/2010 Order Recording
  LIVE CLE Webcast: E-Discovery Cost Savings for Attorneys 07/21/2010 Order Recording
  The New Financial Industry Reform Legislation: The Benefits   and the Costs  LIVE Webcast 07/21/2010 Order Recording
  White Collar Crimes Explored LIVE Webcast 07/20/2010 Order Recording
  Estate Planning in 2010 LIVE Webcast 07/15/2010 Order Recording
  IT for Finance Executives LIVE Webcast - What You and Your   Financial Team Need to Know About IT 07/13/2010 Order Recording
  Fair Value Measurement Considerations for 2010 and
  Beyond Live Webcast
07/13/2010 Order Recording
  Understanding Privacy Compliance LIVE Webcast 07/08/2010 Order Recording
  Ethics and Risk for OFAC: Two Aspects of One Compliance   Reality LIVE Webcast 06/28/2010 Order Recording
  Form 1099 MISC: What’s New for Tax Year 2010?
06/24/2010 Order Recording
  Foreign Corrupt Practices Act in 2010 LIVE Webcast 06/23/2010 Order Recording
  FINRA Guidance on Social Networking Sites Blurs the Line   Between Personal and  Business Related Activity 06/22/2010 Order Recording
  It’s Almost June 30th: Do You Know Where Your FBARs Are?   LIVE Webcast 06/15/2010 Order Recording
  Revenue Recognition for Biotech Firms Update What You
  Need to Know in 2010 ;LIVE Webcast
06/09/2010 Order Recording
  Green Incentives for Business – Tax Incentives that Help   Alleviate the Cost of Investing in Energy - Efficient Assets and   Alternative Energy LIVE Webcast 06/08/2010 Order Recording
  Forensic Auditing for CPAs: The Essentials from a
  Practitioner's Perspective Live Webcast
06/07/2010 Order Recording
  Recent Developments in Patent Infringement
  Damage Awards LIVE Webcast
06/02/2010 Order Recording
  2010 Tax Legislative Review and Outlook LIVE Webcast 05/25/2010 Order Recording
  FAS 167 & Business Combinations LIVE Webcast 05/20/2010 Order Recording
  Hot Topics in Bankruptcy Litigation LIVE Webcast 05/19/2010 Order Recording
  Trust Accounting Income: The Fundamentals CLE/CPE    Rebroadcast 05/19/2010 Order Recording
  Form 990 in 2010: What We've Learned (Practical Guidance) 05/18/2010 Order Recording
  OFAC Compliance & Enforcement Issues: a Guide to
   Minimizing the Risk of Sanctions CLE/CPE Rebroadcast
05/13/2010 Order Recording
  ". . . got fraud?" A Former Prosecutor's Guide to Help
   Executives Minimize Risks & Add Value
05/12/2010 Order Recording
  Roth IRA Conversions: Issues and Opportunities 05/12/2010 Order Recording
  Nonprofit Organization Mergers, Consolidations, and Other
  Combinations: Accounting and Legal Issues
05/05/2010 Order Recording
  False Claims Act Enforcement: Understanding the Legal   Landscape 05/05/2010 Order Recording
  What you Need to Know About the New Standard on Variable
  Interest Entities
04/29/2010 Order Recording
  Anti-Corruption Compliance and Enforcement – Minimizing Risk
  LIVE Webcast
04/29/2010 Order Recording
  Interest Rate Risk Issues - Practical Guidance LIVE Webcast 04/28/2010 Order Recording
  Correction of Errors and Drafting of Plan Documentation under
  Section 409A
04/28/2010 Order Recording
  Protecting Your Tax Strategies After Textron and The New
  Proposed Tax Form (CLE/CPE Qualified Rebroadcast)
04/26/2010 Order Recording
  Goodwill and Intangible Asset Impairment: CLE/CPE
04/23/2010 Order Recording
  The New Form 1041: A Line-by-Line Walkthrough (CLE/CPE
  Qualified Rebroadcast)
04/22/2010 Order Recording
  New IRS Guidance Under IRC 7216 LIVE Webcast 04/22/2010 Order Recording
  Mitigating Risks of Social Networking Activity by Your Employees:   CLE/CPE Rebroadcast 04/21/2010 Order Recording
  Minimize Your 404 Audit Fees LIVE Webcast 04/21/2010 Order Recording
  Executing Internal Investigations for Compliance Programs
  LIVE Webcast
04/07/2010 Order Recording
  Form 1099 MISC: What’s New for Tax Year 2010?
  LIVE Webcast
03/10/2010 Order Recording
  The Future of TALF and its Impact on the Commercial
  Real-Estate Market LIVE Webcast
03/02/2010 Order Recording
  FAS 141R Understanding Fair Value for Business
  Combinations LIVE Webcast
02/24/2010 Order Recording
  Understanding the IRS New Contract Manufacturing Rules
  LIVE Webcast
02/23/2010 Order Recording
  Estate Tax Legislation - 2010 Is Here: What Now? 02/22/2010 Order Recording
  Tougher Laws Woven into Basel II: What You Need to Know
  LIVE Webcast
02/18/2010 Order Recording
  Legal Ethics and E-Discovery LIVE Webcast 02/17/2010 Order Recording
  Video Game Law for Attorneys: A 2010 Update LIVE Webcast 02/11/2010 Order Recording
  Antitrust & Technology for Attorneys: Dealing with a Global Anti-
  Competitive Environment LIVE Webcast
02/04/2010 Order Recording
  Sweeping Executive Compensation Reforms Explored
  LIVE Webcast
02/03/2010 Order Recording
  Protecting Your Tax Strategies After Textron and The New
  Proposed Tax Form LIVE Webcast
02/02/2010 Order Recording
  The New Form 1041: A Line-by-Line Walkthrough LIVE Webcast 01/28/2010 Order Recording
  Goodwill and Intangible Asset Impairment LIVE Webcast 01/28/2010 Order Recording
  The New Regulation S-AM: Limitations on Affiliate Marketing for
  Securities and Financial Services Firms LIVE Webcast
01/27/2010 Order Recording
  International Data Management Privacy for Attorneys LIVE
01/26/2010 Order Recording
  2010 Tax Planning and Forecasting: Individual Income Tax
  Issues LIVE Webcast
01/21/2010 Order Recording
  IRS Form 941 (Employer's Quarterly Federal Tax Form): A 2010
  Update LIVE Webcast
01/20/2010 Order Recording
  OFAC Compliance & Enforcement Issues: a Guide to Minimizing
  the Risk of Sanctions LIVE Webcast
01/14/2010 Order Recording
  New Interagency Guidance for Liquidity Risk Management LIVE
01/14/2010 Order Recording
  Practical Solutions to The State Budget Crisis in 2010 LIVE
01/13/2010 Order Recording
  Mitigating Risks of Social Networking Activity by Your Employees
  LIVE Webcast
01/07/2010 Order Recording


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