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Recently Completed Events 2011

Recently Completed Events 2011 Date Recorded Recording
  Hot Topics in Bankruptcy: A Discussion of Where The Legal and   Deal Action LIVE Webcast 12/19/2011 Order Recording
  Tax Document Automation LIVE Webcast 12/14/2011 Order Recording
  Fair Value Accounting: A 2012 Update LIVE Webcast 12/13/2011 Order Recording
  Finance in the Clouds: Exploring the Best Practices LIVE   Webcast 12/09/2011 Order Recording
  Securities Offerings in the Global Market: Focus on 2012 LIVE   Webcast 12/08/2011 Order Recording
  Social Media for Business: Boon or Bane? LIVE Webcast 12/06/2011 Order Recording
  Fraud and Money Laundering in Banking & Finance LIVE
12/06/2011 Order Recording
  Cyber Security Best Practices for Banking and Financial Sectors   in 2011 LIVE Webcast 11/30/2011 Order Recording
  Form 990: A 2012 Update LIVE Webcast 11/29/2011 Order Recording
  Internal Control Deficiencies: Assess/Report SAS 112 & 115   LIVE Webcast 11/16/2011 Order Recording
  Understanding OFAC Issues in 2012 LIVE Webcast 11/16/2011 Order Recording
  New Tax Rules for Tax Exempt Hospitals and Accountable Care   Organizations LIVE Webcast 11/10/2011 Order Recording
  IRS Compliance and Governmental Retirement Plans Explored   LIVE Webcast 11/09/2011 Order Recording
  Enterprise Master Data Management & The Convergence of
  Technology & Business LIVE Webcast
10/27/2011 Order Recording
  Legal Series: The Attorney-Client Privilege and Internal
  Investigations 2011 LIVE Webcast
10/27/2011 Order Recording
  1099-MISC Issues for 2011: What You Need to Know
  LIVE Webcast
10/25/2011 Order Recording
  Making the Difference: Women and Diversity in Law
  LIVE Webcast
10/19/2011 Order Recording
  Affordable Care Act Tax Provisions Explored LIVE Webcast 10/18/2011 Order Recording
  The Impact of Dodd-Frank Act on FDIC-Insured
  Banks LIVE Webcast
10/18/2011 Order Recording
  Avoiding Oral Breach Claims Arising From M&A Discussions
  LIVE Webcast
10/17/2011 Order Recording
  Managing 401(k), 403(b) and Other Retirement Plans for 2011
  and Beyond LIVE Webcast
10/14/2011 Order Recording
  Dealing with Fraud and Waste in Healthcare from a Legal
  Perspective LIVE Webcast
10/12/2011 Order Recording
  Legal Series: Maximizing Profit Through Private Company M&A
  in 2011 LIVE Webcast
10/04/2011 Order Recording
  Understanding the New System: Final Rule on Fraud Prevention
  in Medicaid, Medicare and CHIP LIVE Webcast
10/03/2011 Order Recording
  Understanding the Orderly Liquidation Authority Provisions of
  Dodd-Frank LIVE Webcast
09/27/2011 Order Recording
  A Review of Supreme Court's 2010 Term and Preview of
  What's Coming Next LIVE Webcast
09/27/2011 Order Recording
  Understanding the Recent Bankruptcy Court Decision
  Regarding Intellectual Property Rights of Licensees from
  Foreign Owners LIVE Webcast
09/20/2011 Order Recording
  Strategies to Deal With the Patient Protection & Affordable
  Care Act LIVE Webcast
09/13/2011 Order Recording
  Mitigating the Impact of Dodd-Frank's Whistleblower Provisions
  LIVE Webcast
09/07/2011 Order Recording
  Understanding New Employer Reporting Requirements for
  Incentive Stock Option and Employee Stock Purchase Plan
  LIVE Webcast
09/07/2011 Order Recording
  Hot Topics for 501(c)(3) Organizations Explored LIVE Webcast 09/01/2011 Order Recording
  2011 Patent Reform Act LIVE Webcast 08/31/2011 Order Recording
  Loss Contingency Disclosure Demystified - Best Practices for
  Managing Litigation Disclosure, SEC Review and FASB Topic
  450 LIVE Webcast
08/29/2011 Order Recording
  FCPA Actions and New Compliance Guidelines: Are You
  Prepared? LIVE Webcast
08/25/2011 Order Recording
  Legal Series for 2011: Common Discovery Issues
  in Employment Litigation LIVE Webcast
08/19/2011 Order Recording
  Basel 3: Important Updates CLE/CPE Rebroadcast 08/18/2011 Order Recording
  Mediating Corporate Disputes Successfully - Avoidance Of
   Litigation’s Perils LIVE Webcast
08/17/2011 Order Recording
  401(k) Fees: What You Need to Know in 2011 LIVE Webcast 08/09/2011 Order Recording
  The Bankruptcy Code Section 363 Explored LIVE Webcast 08/05/2011 Order Recording
  2011 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act LIVE Webcast 07/22/2011 Order Recording
  Stress Testing for Community Banks in 2011 CLE/CPE
07/22/2011 Order Recording
  Employment and Labor Law: What to Watch for in 2011 and
  Beyond LIVE Webcast
07/21/2011 Order Recording
  Sweeping Changes to the Credit Rating Provisions of the
  Investment Company Act LIVE Webcast
07/20/2011 Order Recording
  Significant Changes to Executive Compensation in 2011
  LIVE Webcast
07/19/2011 Order Recording
  The 2010 Tax Relief Act: Estate Planning Considerations for
  2011 and Beyond LIVE Webcast
07/06/2011 Order Recording
  Premerger Notification Compliance and Litigation Update:
  A 2011 Perspective LIVE Webcast
06/27/2011 Order Recording
  Effective Compliance and Ethics Program: A 2011 Perspective
  CLE/CPE Rebroadcast
06/23/2011 Order Recording
  Federal Privacy Legislation in 2011 LIVE Webcast 06/23/2011 Order Recording
  Corporate Governance Issues, Executive Compensation
  Disclosure and Related SRO Rules: A 2011 Update
  LIVE Webcast
06/21/2011 Order Recording
  Understanding The Federal Reserve Board’s Volcker Rule
  LIVE Webcast
06/20/2011 Order Recording
  Foreign Bank Account Reporting and Enforcement Update:
  The Internal Revenue Service's 2011 Offshore Voluntary
  Disclosure Initiative and the New FBAR Regulations
  LIVE Webcast
06/16/2011 Order Recording
  Understanding The Federal Trade Commission's Proposed
  Framework for Consumer Privacy Protection LIVE Webcast
06/06/2011 Order Recording
  Cloud Computing: Understanding Legal Best Practices
  LIVE Webcast
05/26/2011 Order Recording
  The Global Phenomenon - How International Issues Impact
  Employee Plans LIVE Webcast
05/24/2011 Order Recording
  Tectonic Shift in Accounting & Financial Reporting Coming:
  Are You Ready? LIVE Webcast
05/23/2011 Order Recording
  ASC 740 – Valuation Allowances CLE/CPE Rebroadcast 05/18/2011 Order Recording
  Risk Mitigation and Corporate Compliance LIVE Webcast 05/12/2011 Order Recording
  FAS 109 & IAS 12 Explored: A 2011 Update Live Webcast 05/12/2011 Order Recording
  Conquer the New World of 403(b) Retirement Plans
  Live Webcast
05/05/2011 Order Recording
  Sweeping Changes in Revenue Recognition Coming:
  Are You prepared? LIVE Webcast
04/21/2011 Order Recording
  Hot Topics in Bankruptcy for Attorneys LIVE Webcast 04/14/2011 Order Recording
  Social Media as a Business Tool for Financial Institutions and
  Insurance Companies: Best Practices Explored LIVE Webcast
04/13/2011 Order Recording
  The Impact of the New Improper Payments Elimination and
  Recovery Act to Eliminating Fraud LIVE Webcast
04/05/2011 Order Recording
  Converged Communications for Medical Devices Live Webcast 04/04/2011 Order Recording
  The Growing Role of Diversity & Inclusion in Healthcare
  Explained LIVE Webcast
03/23/2011 Order Recording
  Adopting IFRS: Implications on Private Companies
  LIVE Webcast
03/23/2011 Order Recording
  Legal Series for 2011: Climate Change Update LIVE Webcast 03/16/2011 Order Recording
  Is Your Head in the Clouds? Best Policies, Practices, and Risk
  Management for Cloud Computing and ASP Services
  LIVE Webcast
03/15/2011 Order Recording
  Understanding the Whistleblower's Role in Corporate Fraud
  LIVE Webcast
03/10/2011 Order Recording
  Accounting for and Taxing Executive Compensation/Bonuses
  Best Practices LIVE Webcast
03/09/2011 Order Recording
  Technotainment" for Attorneys Explored LIVE Webcast 03/09/2011 Order Recording
  Health Care Reform and its Impact on Finance in Health Care
  and Life Sciences LIVE Webcast
03/08/2011 Order Recording
  Fair Value Measurements and Disclosures (Topic 820)
  Explored LIVE Webcast
02/25/2011 Order Recording
  New Rules for Distressed Debt: Boon or Bane? Live Webcast 02/25/2011 Order Recording
  Circular 230 Important Revisions LIVE Webcast 02/23/2011 Order Recording
  Stress Testing for Community Banks in 2011 LIVE Webcast 02/23/2011 Order Recording
  FASB Exposure Drafts on Financial Statements,
  Equity/Liabilities Project LIVE Webcast
02/17/2011 Order Recording
  Hot Topics in Climate Change Regulations LIVE Webcast 02/16/2011 Order Recording
  Healthcare Reform and Its Impact on Insurance Carriers
  LIVE Webcast
02/16/2011 Order Recording
  Outsourcing From A to Z: LIVE Webcast 02/15/2011 Order Recording
  Proxy Season - What you need to know in 2011 LIVE Webcast 02/14/2011 Order Recording
  Codification & XBRL What’s Bugging You? LIVE Webcast 02/09/2011 Order Recording
  Legal Series for 2011: U.S. Export Controls 2011 for Attorneys
  LIVE Webcast
02/09/2011 Order Recording
  Partnering with Your Clients and Helping Them to Effectively
  Manage Their Legal Costs LIVE Webcast
02/08/2011 Order Recording
  Research and Development Tax Credit Explored LIVE Webcast 02/04/2011 Order Recording
  ASC 740 – Valuation Allowances Live Webcast 02/03/2011 Order Recording
  Social Media & Its Impact on Non-Disclosure Agreements for
  Attorneys LIVE Webcast
02/03/2011 Order Recording
  The Impact of New Federal Tax Requirements on Hospitals
  LIVE Webcast
01/26/2011 Order Recording
  Legal Series for 2011: Auditors’ Liability - How to Avoid
  Casualties LIVE Webcast
01/25/2011 Order Recording
  Labor Law Hot Topics: Wage & Hour Issues Explored
  LIVE Webcast
01/25/2011 Order Recording
  Basel 3: Important Updates Live Webcast 01/25/2011 Order Recording
  Understanding Software as a Service (SaaS) 101 LIVE Webcast 01/20/2011 Order Recording
  Employment Law: Emerging Trends for 2011 LIVE Webcast 01/19/2011 Order Recording
  Effective Compliance and Ethics Program: A 2011 Perspective
  LIVE Webcast
01/18/2011 Order Recording
  Understanding Financial Reporting for Taxes in 2011
  LIVE Webcast
01/13/2011 Order Recording


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