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Why Sponsor a Knowledge Group Webcast?

Sponsoring a Knowledge Group Webcast can provide your firm with unprecedented access to potential customers while positioning you as an established thought leader. All sponsorship packages include speaking opportunities that offer excellent visibility. Our guaranteed post-webcast lists can help you easily & economically meet your ROI objectives for participation in an event.

What You Get:
  • A confirmed speaking slot on the faculty panel.
  • Guaranteed post-webcast list of at least 100 professionals.
  • Your logo, company, speaker included in all invitations sent to potential attendees for the event.
  • Your participation in this event included in press releases and media announcements.
  • Your logo, company, speaker on our home page for this event with a link to your website.
  • Inclusion in all webcast marketing (pre and post event).
  • Thirty (30) complimentary passes to the webcast for your prospective clients and guests.
  • Complimentary CLE/CPE processing for your guests.

Available Packages (3 Options):
  • Option 1: Traditional/Non-exclusive (Single Webcast). This option enables you to sponsor a single webcast (with all of the benefits above) along with other non-competing sponsors. The main advantage to this package is its lower cost relative to option 2 below.
  • Option 2: Exclusive (Single Webcast). This option enables you to sponsor a single event (with all of the benefits above). As the exclusive sponsor, no other sponsors will be invited to participate and your company will be the only sponsor listed in all of the promotional material. The Knowledge Group can, at the request of the sponsor, supply other non-competing speakers (approved by the sponsor) to participate on the panel in order to ensure full topic coverage. This means that the sponsor is not required to supply 100% of the speakers and content in an exclusive arrangement. The excusive sponsor is also invited (but not required) to join the planning committee to help shape the content and the speaker panel. The main advantage to the exclusive sponsor option is its offers the ultimate promotional visibility for the sponsor.
  • Option 3: Annual Upfront Sponsorship (Multiple Webcasts). This option enables you to sponsor a series of webcasts (four) over one or two years. One of the sponsor slots is Exclusive (Option 2) and the three remaining are Traditional/Non-exclusive (Option 1). The main advantage of this plan is the per event cost savings. Sponsorship per event is typically 50% less in the annual arrangement than the per event costs of the single events options (1 &2).

Primary Benefits:
  • Thought Leadership:You will be sponsoring an event that provides important objective information to executives and professionals in your industry raising your credibility among your potential customers. Customers are far more likely to consider partnering with your firm when they are exposed to you as an educational provider and thought leader.
  • Exposure:Sponsoring a Knowledge Group Webcast can provide your firm with direct access to senior decision makers in your industry in an objective and educational environment. The Knowledge Group has large comprehensive databases of executives in your industry. Speaking at a Knowledge Group Live webcasts gives you high visibility among these communities.
  • Cost Effective ROI: All sponsor packages include a list of at least 100 executives to help with post webcast follow-up activities. This gives the sponsor the ability to turn thought leadership into real clients.

To learn more about the Knowledge Group Sponsorship opportunities please email: or call today: 646.202.9344.


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